Our Promise

We believe not just in meeting the needs of our clients, but surpassing expectations. We will give the special care that the elderly need while also maintaining their respect and dignity, doing so with love, kindness, and understanding. It is also very important for us to meet the work schedule needs of our clients and their families. This allows our clients to stay in the comfort of their homes and meet spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. Most of all, we strive to maintain a secure and safe environment filled with compassion from a quality caregiver.


Our Origins

The Heart in Hand Care Team was founded in 2015 by Donna Nilsen and Debbie Slater. Both are mothers and grandmothers with many years of caregiving experience. Debbie has 36 years of midwifery experience as well as an additional 10 years of home health care experience. Donna has owned and operated her own licensed in-home childcare facility for over 18 years. They founded this company after having personal experience needing quality home care for a loved one. This ignited a flame in an already burning passion for helping others. Their goal was to help clients and their families maintain a comfortable life. This remains a pillar of the foundation on which this company was built.